Utility Surveying and Mapping 

QEST Infrastructure is an industry leader in Utility Surveying and Utility Mapping services. With over 2 decades of experience, our team delivers unparalleled results in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and Utility Mapping. We distinguish ourselves by providing a single point of contact for all your project needs, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience – “One call does it all“.

Using the best Utility Detection Technology and Utility Survey Equipment, our accredited technicians deliver accurate and timely Utility Survey Reports that you can rely on. Whether it’s an Underground Utility Assessment for construction, infrastructure projects, excavation, trenching, pipeline projects, road construction, or environmental assessments, we’ve got you covered. Our Utility Safety Surveys and Utility Damage Prevention Surveys ensure your project’s success, mitigating risks, and enhancing efficiency.

Trust QEST Infrastructure for your next Utility Mapping Survey, Utility Markout Survey, or Utility Conflict Survey, and experience the benefits of our expert utility survey services.

What is underground utility surveying?

Underground Utility Surveying is a critical process in infrastructure development, involving the detection, mapping, and documentation of subsurface utilities. It’s essential for identifying the location, depth, and type of utilities like water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications lines. By conducting Utility Mapping Surveys, surveyors provide valuable data for Utility Survey Reports, aiding in project planning and decision-making.

This process is crucial for avoiding utility damages, ensuring safety and trust in Utility Survey for Construction and other types of projects. QEST Infrastructure employs advanced Utility Detection Technology and Utility Survey Equipment to deliver timely and accurate results for our clients. “If the client is not satisfied, then neither are we”.

What is a utility search in a site survey and what is its purpose?

A utility search during a site survey is a detailed investigation to locate underground utilities, like  gas, electricity, and telecommunications. The purpose of a Subsurface Utility Survey is twofold: to prevent damage to existing utilities during construction activities, and to assist in project planning and design.

By utilising advanced Utility Detection Technology and Utility Survey Equipment, QEST’s expert surveyors provide essential data for Utility Survey Reports, ensuring compliance with Utility Survey Regulations and Standards. This process is vital for reducing project risks and costs.

What are the methods of underground utility surveying?

The methods of underground Utility Surveying are diverse and include electromagnetic induction, radio frequency identification, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), passive detection, and non-destructive digging. QEST Infrastructure utilises a combination of advanced Utility Detection Technology and Utility Survey Equipment to deliver accurate Utility Mapping services that exceed expectations.

Not all methods of Utility Surveying are created equal – contact us today so our expert team can recommend a tailored approach based on the specific requirements of your project.

What is the purpose of a subsurface utility survey?

The primary purpose of a Subsurface Utility Survey is to identify and document underground utilities, including utility position and depth, structures, and potential hazards. This process is essential for preventing utility damage, which can cause significant injuries to workers or the public, costly service outages, and project delays.

Using advanced Utility Detection Technology, our expert surveyors produce accurate and timely Utility Mapping documentation that aids in our clients’ project planning and design and guides decision-making. To find out more about QEST Infrastructure’s Utility Surveying services, contact us today. 

Why is underground utility surveying important?

Underground Utility Surveying is essential for many reasons, primarily to identify the precise location of underground utilities to ensure construction safety and efficiency by preventing accidents and utility damage.

Accurate Utility Surveying aids in efficient project planning and design, reducing unexpected costs and delays associated with accidental damage to utilities. Accurate Utility Mapping and Utility Survey Reports provided by these surveys are indispensable for any major project or excavation, ensuring compliance with Utility Survey Regulations and Standards.

Utility survey benefits include ensuring your project will have optimal connection points for new utility supplies; mitigation of potential design issues; protection of workers and the public; and prevention of costly accidents and delays.

How can I arrange for a utility survey for my construction or infrastructure project with QEST?

Arranging a Utility Survey for Construction or infrastructure projects with QEST Infrastructure is a straightforward process. We pride ourselves on providing an easy and personalised experience – you will have a single point of contact for all your project needs and experience the ease of “One call does it all”. Contact us today to discuss your project’s specific requirements.

What steps are involved in conducting a utility survey for a specific project?

A Utility Survey begins with a consultation so our expert team can understand your project scope, timelines, and unique requirements. This consultation includes an on-site visit to understand scope, access, and equipment required, so that we mobilise with the right specialised gear for the job. Once engaged our trained and accredited service locators will mark out all detected services on the ground utilising GPR and other detection technology.

Using advanced Utility Survey Equipment, our surveyors then collect precise Utility Mapping data which is carefully analysed to produce a comprehensive Utility Survey Report in both CAD and PDF format. The report will highlight potential Utility Conflicts with design, also known as a clash detection, and provide Utility Clearance recommendations, ensuring that architects, engineers, and planners have the precise information needed to guide their decisions. QEST Infrastructure’s Utility Survey process strictly adheres to Utility Survey Standards and Regulations AS5488, ensuring your project is safe and compliant.