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Before breaking ground on any project or excavation, consider the necessity of precise pipe and cable location services. In this comprehensive overview, we explain the various factors involved in pipe and cable locating, emphasising those that distinguish QEST Infrastructure from other service providers.

QEST Infrastructure employs expert field technicians, with over 2 decades of experience and cutting-edge methods including electromagnetic locating, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and visually proving precise pipe locations and cable locations with hydro excavation. We are the only pipe and cable location services provider delivering a holistic solution to utility mapping encompassing service location, geotechnical and environmental drilling, surveying, hydro excavation, 3D scanning, drone flight surveying, and CAD Drafting.

If you have an upcoming project that may require underground cable locating or pipe locating in Melbourne, Geelong, and across Victoria, contact QEST Infrastructure today.

What is pipe and cable locating, and why is it necessary?

Pipe and cable locating, also referred to as utility locating, is the process of locating and identifying underground utilities. Some underground services include water, gas, electrical and communications services, which may be direct buried or installed within a conduit (pipe).

Necessary for risk mitigation, pipe location and cable location services prevent accidental damage to underground infrastructure during groundwork, which can cause costly project delays or in some cases, severe injuries to site workers. Without engaging an experienced service locator, you are digging blind in any excavation. Before carrying out excavation or construction works, ensure you engage QEST to obtain the precise pipe and cable locations. By employing cutting-edge technology and with over 2 decades of on-the-ground and project management experience under our belt, our accredited field technicians provide accurate and reliable pipe and cable locating services, which reduce project risks.

How accurate are pipe and cable location services?

The level of accuracy of pipe and cable location services depends on the types of services beneath the site surface and the technology being used to locate. Underground cable locating services are not created equal, with varying levels of accuracy.

QEST Infrastructure’s pipe and cable locating services achieve unparalleled precision through the use of industry-leading technology and our significant wealth of expertise. The only certain method of obtaining precise pipe and cable locations is through visually sighting the services by employing a non-destructive digging technique known as hydro excavation. Our team utilises hydro excavation, the most efficient, safe, and accurate method, allowing our team to visually confirm the utility type and location.

Why is it crucial to locate pipes and cables before digging or construction?

It is critical that underground pipe and cable locating is completed before excavation or construction, as failure to do so can cause catastrophic injuries to workers, service disruptions, and substantial fines.

The services beneath the surface are an increasingly complex web of electrical, sewage, telecommunication lines, and many others. It is impossible to know the precise utility, pipe and cable locations without engaging utility location services from a qualified expert. QEST Infrastructure provides underground cable locating services which go beyond regulatory compliance safeguarding your timeline, budget, and workers’ safety. Our industry-leading methods allow our expert team to understand subsurface conditions comprehensively, so that your project team can make informed decisions and mitigate the significant risks associated with excavation.

What are the different methods of cable and pipe location?

There are many methods of pipe and cable location, and they are not created equal. QEST Infrastructure uses electromagnetic locating to detect underground pipe and cable locations for services containing conductive materials. A traceable current is passed through the service by directly connecting or coupling a cable with a ring clamp. For underground services which are non-conductive, we use Ground Penetrating Radar, which involves pulsing electromagnetic waves into the subsurface. This method is effective for pipes or cables such as optic fibre, nylon, blue brute, and empty plastic conduits without trace wire.

Truly setting us apart from our competitors is our coordination of a diverse range of locating services including the use of hydro excavation to visually prove precise pipe and cable locations, so our clients can commence construction works with confidence. Hydro excavation is a method of non-destructive digging and the most efficient and safe method of underground cable locating.

How long does it take to complete pipe and cable locating for a specific area?

Timelines for pipe and cable locating vary based on factors like the project and site size and complexity, density of utility services, site accessibility, and the availability of accurate records of pipe and cable locations. With over 2 decades of on-the-ground and project management experience in underground asset management we have the right people and experience who have tackled many challenges projects face. With efficient processes and cutting-edge equipment, QEST Infrastructure’s cable location services provide swift assessment, location and positive identification without compromising accuracy. Contact us today on 1300 308 172 to discuss pipe and cable locating for your project.

Why should you trust QEST pipe and cable location services for your projects?

QEST Infrastructure is the industry leader, employing accredited field technicians and a management team with over 2 decades of experience. We are the only provider of a complete solution to underground asset management, providing pipe and cable location, Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling, Surveying, Hydro Excavation, 3D Scanning, Drone Flight Surveying, and CAD Drafting. We simplify your project by providing a single point of contact for our services, reducing time and complexity and delivering a personal service.

We prioritise accuracy. When we deploy our trained service locators coupled with hydro excavation you can be assured that you can rely on our results. We are a trusted service provider for commercial, government, and industrial projects alike due to our unparalleled expert approach.

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