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QEST is a leading provider of environmental drilling services throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Victoria, and interstate. With over 2 decades of experience, our team delivers environmental drilling solutions with unparalleled results and calculated problem solving.

Using a range of modern and effective drill rigs, our accredited technicians provide precise and reliable environmental monitoring and sampling services. Whether you need a site assessment for contamination, groundwater analysis, or subsurface evaluation for your project, our environmental drilling services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

We set ourselves apart by offering a single point of contact for all project phases, from initial site investigation to remediation and beyond, to ensure a streamlined and personalised client experience – “One call does it all”.

Choose QEST for your next environmental project, and benefit from our dedication to excellence, safety, and environmental management.

What is environmental drilling and why is it important?

Environmental drilling is a key process to investigate and understand the subsurface environment, critical for identifying contamination and ensuring the safety of land development projects. Soil and groundwater samples are precisely extracted and analysed to identify contamination and log water table depths. Environmental drilling is essential for environmental assessment and monitoring remediation efforts.

QEST’s environmental drilling services deliver an accurate evaluation of subsurface conditions, essential for informed decision-making and effective project planning. Contact QEST today to understand how our environmental drilling solutions can benefit your project.

What are the different methods used in environmental drilling?

There are a range of methods used in environmental drilling, depending on the subsurface conditions and your project goals. QEST specialises in direct push drilling, hollow stem auger drilling, air rotary drilling, and sonic drilling. Each method offers unique advantages for example, direct push drilling offers rapid penetration. Our environmental drilling services utilise a mix of these techniques adapted to your project site’s subsurface conditions to ensure accurate and comprehensive environmental assessments.

How deep can environmental drilling reach?

The depth reached by environmental drilling varies significantly, influenced by the geological characteristics of the site, your project objectives, and the drilling methods used. Because we utilise a range of environmental drilling methods, we are equipped to reach significant depths for environmental sampling and analysis. This capability ensures that our clients receive comprehensive data, whether for shallow soil testing or deep groundwater monitoring.

Using state-of-the-art drilling technology and the expertise of our technicians, QEST ensures that environmental monitoring and sampling is conducted with the utmost precision and reliability, catering to our clients’ specific needs.

What environmental risks are associated with drilling activities?

Environmental drilling activities carry potential environmental risks such as soil disturbance and groundwater contamination. QEST is deeply committed to mitigating these risks, which is why we follow strict safety measures, use the best available drilling techniques, and adhere to industry best practices.

Our environmental drilling services prioritise minimising the impact on the natural environment, ensuring that all environmental sampling and environmental monitoring activities are conducted responsibly. QEST is committed to safeguarding the integrity of each project site and the wellbeing of the surrounding environment.

How is environmental drilling regulated in Vic?

In Victoria, environmental drilling is subject to a regulatory regime which aims to ensure the protection of the environment and public health. These regulations mandate a broad range of requirements, including the acquisition of appropriate permits, adherence to approved drilling methods, and the implementation of measures for site rehabilitation post-drilling.

QEST delivers environmental drilling services that strictly comply with these regulatory frameworks, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceeding compliance standards. Our environmental sampling and environmental monitoring activities are conducted with the utmost integrity, ensuring the safety and success of our clients’ projects across Melbourne, Geelong, and beyond.

What role does environmental drilling play in site remediation?

Environmental drilling is a key feature of the site remediation process, offering critical insights into the extent and type of contamination present and the efficacy of the remediation approach. Through targeted environmental sampling, QEST provides essential data to our clients that guides the development and adaptation of effective remediation strategies, ensuring the restoration of sites to safe and compliant conditions.

Our environmental drilling services deliver an accurate assessment of contamination levels to inform our clients’ successful clean-up strategies. This focus on precision and reliability in environmental assessment enables our clients to undertake remediation efforts with confidence.

What are the benefits of conducting environmental drilling before property development?

Conducting environmental drilling before property development offers significant benefits, including the early identification of potential environmental hazards, which informs planning and design decisions. Environmental drilling before property development is generally a necessary step to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. QEST’s environmental drilling services provide our clients with critical insights into subsurface conditions, enabling the assessment of contamination risks and geological stability.

This pro-active approach ensures that development projects proceed safely, efficiently, and with minimal environmental impact. Leveraging our expertise in environmental drilling, QEST assists our clients to mitigate unforeseen complications, safeguarding project spend and timelines.

How can I find a reputable environmental drilling contractor in Victoria?

When you are researching how to find an environmental drilling contractor in Victoria you can trust, it’s important to do your research and have a good grasp of the industry standards. When looking for a service provider you should look to seek companies with a good reputation, sufficient experience, and positive feedback from past clients. QEST stands out for its environmental drilling services, with over three decades of industry knowledge, experience, and a focus on quality.

Our tailored environmental drilling solutions are designed to meet the requirements of each project ensuring accuracy, dependability and client satisfaction – check out our client testimonials. If you require environmental drilling services, in Melbourne, Geelong, or anywhere in Victoria don’t hesitate to reach out to QEST today.

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