How We Work

We’re a good bunch of people and we
won’t let you down

QEST was built on this simple promise and it’s still how we
approach everything we do.
But what does that look like on the ground?

Size does matter

We’re operating in that sweet spot; big enough to do the heavy lifting but small enough you can still get the boss on the phone.

It’s what makes us more flexible and responsive. Which is exactly what you need in a service provider. None of this waiting weeks on your quotation. And if issues pop up, they’re quickly resolved on the spot or over the phone, minimising your downtime.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Sometimes the best solution comes down to what you leave out.
For example, some projects benefit from an external consultant. But in many cases, QEST has the in-house expertise to handle that pre-planning stage of your project.
Cutting out the middle-man means lower project costs, clearer communication and a single layer of responsibility.

We do things better

Our 5-step process looks simple from the outside. It’s only once you zoom in you’ll see it’s the details that set us apart.


You’ll experience that QEST difference before we’ve even broken ground. Our team will come out to your site in person, so we know exactly what you’re dealing with and how we can help. No surprises means less hassles and holdups for your project.


Hitting an optic fibre cable could take out a suburb’s communications. Hitting an electrical line could be deadly. Knowing the exact location of underground services is essential for maintaining a safe work site.


Non-destructive excavation uses water and vacuum to clear soil and other materials with laser focus, all without damage to services or tree roots.


Using cutting-edge tools and survey methods, we translate our findings into an invaluable planning resource; protecting infrastructure, avoiding injury and preventing service interruption keep your project costs and timelines on track.


We don’t just drop and run. We’ll talk you through the details of what we’ve found and check back in down the road – if you’re not happy, neither are we.

We’ve never met a problem we can’t solve

QEST offers full-strength Underground Asset Management, Environmental, Industrial and Specialised Drilling Services for commercial, government and industrial projects of all sizes.

Keen to know what else we can help you with?

Underground Asset Management

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Specialised Drilling Services


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