Specialised Environmental and Infrastructure Contractors and Consultants.

20 Years Strong

Over 20 years in business.
Impressive, purpose-built fleet.

Over a 100 pairs of capable hands. Reliability,
compliance, safety and risk management
are a given. But we’re more than a blunt
instrument. We’re the sharp edge.

Underground Asset Management

Environmental Resource Management

Industrial Specialised Services

Specialised Drilling Services


Not just resourced but resourceful

Delivering uncompromising quality on commercial, government and industrial projects takes experience that runs broad and deep. You need a team who’ll look beyond the assigned task and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

With QEST, no matter what problem you throw at us, someone within the business has solved it before.

Because we’re always building upon that sturdy foundation of experience, knowledge and skill, you can be sure your project is starting on solid ground.

“You can do that?”

That’s something we hear all the time.

We’re industry recognised for delivering first class technical services. From Underground Service Locating, through to Non Destructive Excavation, Environmental Drilling, Waste Transport and Surveying, we do it all.

What you may not know is QEST can handle the whole process for you, from the strategic pre-planning stage, to rolling the resources to site, through to project handover. That means lower project costs, clearer communication and a single layer of responsibility.

Keen to see how we can move your project forward?

About Us

Our competitive nature is your competitive advantage

We don’t rely on 3rd parties for core activities, so you’ll be dealing with the same high-performance team for your entire project.

That means we’re not just accountable to you, we’re also accountable to each other. And no part of the QEST team would ever let the others down.

Your success is assured because we’re driven to outperform ourselves on every job.

Want a peek under the hood of this high-performance machine?

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