High Pressure Jetting and Industrial Cleaning

QEST Infrastructure is a trusted provider of industrial cleaning services to primary manufacturing, construction, and process industry clients across Melbourne, Geelong, Victoria, and interstate. With over 2 decades of experience, our team brings unparalleled expertise to every job.

Setting QEST apart from our competitors is our commitment to client satisfaction, maintaining clear communication, and ensuring the timely delivery of services that exceed expectations. We take a simplified approach to project management, ensuring each client has just one point of contact to ensure each client enjoys a seamless and hassle-free experience. With just one point of contact at QEST, you’ll understand why our clients say “One call does it all”.

From industrial tank cleaning to sewer jetting services, QEST offers a comprehensive suite of industrial cleaning & jetting services to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Our team are experienced in assessing each project’s unique requirements and delivering a tailored service. Enquire with QEST Infrastructure today about high pressure jetting and industrial cleaning for your next project.

What is high pressure water jetting used for?

High pressure water jetting is a powerful and efficient cleaning method, capable of bringing surfaces back to bare metal, and dealing with blockages like chemical residues and concrete from drains, sewers, or other pipes. High pressure jetting uses high-velocity water pressure to remove stubborn debris, making it a highly effective and versatile cleaning method.

Its uses extend from sewer jetting services – where it is used to clear sewer lines and drains – to construction surface preparation, tank and pit cleaning, and removal of contamination in industrial settings. Contact QEST today to learn how high pressure jetting can benefit your business.

What PSI is high pressure water jetting?

High pressure water jetting is typically carried out at pressures from 7,500 PSI to 25,000 PSI, while ultra-high pressure water jetting can reach 38,000 PSI and beyond. The suitable pressure depends on the task complexity and the surface material’s durability. While lower pressures are suited to lighter cleaning tasks like industrial surface cleaning, higher pressures are used to remove tough materials like concrete, or stripping paint from surfaces.

The wide range of available pressure settings allows industrial jet cleaning services to be tailored to each project, delivering optimal results without damaging the underlying surfaces. Curious about the right pressure for your cleaning needs? Contact QEST Infrastructure today about our high pressure water jetting services for advice tailored to your requirements.

Is hydro jetting safe for pipes?

Hydro jetting is safe for pipes when conducted by experienced technicians using the appropriate pressure settings. Because high pressure jetting relies on high pressure water rather than harsh chemicals to clean surfaces, it is safer than alternative cleaning methods for pipes. QEST’s high pressure and sewer jetting services clear even the most stubborn build-up and blockages from sewer and drainage systems, without the need for invasive techniques or chemicals.

QEST’s experienced team adjusts the water pressure according to the material and condition of the pipe or other surface. Contact QEST Infrastructure today for a consultation on the most effective and safe hydro jetting solutions for your business.

How does high pressure jetting work?

High pressure jetting works by using a very high-pressure stream of water to cut through and remove tough build-up and blockages. The tooling for high pressure jetting consists of a water pump, hose, and specialised nozzle. Each component of the hydro jetter is adjusted according to the task. For pipe cleaning, the nozzle is adjusted to blast the water stream in a circular motion to remove debris on the inner walls of the pipe.

The water pressure is adjusted depending on the stubbornness of the build-up and the durability of the surface to be cleaned. This makes high pressure jetting a highly adaptable cleaning method with many applications across the primary manufacturing, construction, and process industries. Get in touch with QEST Infrastructure today to learn how our industrial jet cleaning services can benefit your operations.

What are the advantages of high pressure jetting over traditional cleaning methods?

High pressure jetting offers many advantages over traditional cleaning methods; most notably, its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Because high pressure water jetting is capable of cleaning tough surfaces and blockages (even concrete) with ease, it is well-suited to sensitive timeframes and fixed budgets. As this method primarily uses water instead of harmful chemicals, it ensures a thorough clean without damaging the material underneath or the surrounding environment.

Another advantage of high pressure jetting is its versatility, adaptable to a wide range of surfaces, cleaning needs, and industries. Contact QEST Infrastructure to find out how we can outperform traditional cleaning methods with jet cleaning services tailored to your business needs.

What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning refers to the specialised cleaning of industrial spaces, like factories, warehouses, and construction sites. It is a broad term, encompassing everything from industrial pressure washing to plant maintenance cleaning and industrial tank cleaning. The aim of industrial cleaning is to ensure a safe, hygienic, and compliant facility that safeguards the health of workers and customers, and the products created or stored there. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, industrial cleaning is equipped to deal with the removal of Prescribed Industrial Wastes and contaminants. QEST manage all EPA requirements and the responsible disposal of all industrial wastes.

QEST offers the following industrial cleaning services, amongst others, to primary manufacturing, construction, and process industry clients:

  • High velocity industrial vacuum loading (wet/dry) for removal of heavy slurry and dry contaminated product
  • Surface preparation via high pressure water blasting
  • Hydro demolition of concrete structures
  • UST cleaning and decontamination
  • Industrial tank cleaning and pit cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning of process bundles
  • Industrial cleaning adapted to confined space entry
  • 24/7 emergency industrial cleaning services

For industrial cleaning adapted to your unique project or facility, enquire with QEST today.

How often should industrial cleaning be performed?

The ideal frequency of industrial cleaning depends on the type of industry and the scope of works. QEST will always complete a site visit before recommending any proposed industrial cleaning method, or comment on frequency of preventative maintenance. In some situations, surfaces and pipes that rapidly accumulate dirt or grime may need weekly industrial pressure washing. More significant tasks like industrial tank cleaning or plant maintenance cleaning are usually scheduled on a quarterly or bi-annual basis.

Not sure how often your facility requires industrial cleaning? The team at QEST can help you develop a cleaning schedule that meets regulatory standards and safeguards your employees and equipment – contact us today to get started.

Do you offer specialised cleaning services for hazardous materials or environments?

At QEST Infrastructure, we deliver specialised industrial cleaning services for hazardous materials and environments with expert care. We offer a range of cleaning services for contaminated or hazardous substances, like industrial tank cleaning, plant maintenance cleaning, and safe disposal of hazardous waste.

We bring over 20 years of experience in managing hazardous environments and materials, so you can be assured that our services meet all regulatory standards and are performed with your employees’ health and safety as the top priority. Contact QEST about our specialised industrial cleaning services today to find out how we can service your business.

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