About us

Out of sight.
Never out of mind.

Downtime and delays are your biggest costs. Damage to people and assets are your biggest risks.

So, your success hinges not on what we do, but how we do it. You need a team who’ll obsess over the details so you can focus your attention where it’s really needed. Bottom line: no matter what you throw at us, we’ve got it covered. And that’s the difference you will see with QEST.

20 Years Strong – Quality you can rely on.

We’re renowned for delivering exceptional Environmental, Industrial, Drilling and Underground Services. A reputation built from 20 years’ worth of nailing the basics and making the right call in some pretty tight spots. That’s what keeps projects on time and on budget.

At QEST, ‘good enough’ just ain’t good enough. We’ll never cut corners to cut costs and that’s the best insurance you can buy to protect your business and your people.

Our strong safety culture is your
first line of defence.

At QEST, our people are more than an asset. They’re family. And we know yours are too. That’s why, when it comes to running a safe worksite, we sweat the small stuff.

For us, meeting all health and safety standards, certifications and compliance obligations is a given. We closely monitor and refine our processes, investing heavily in training our teams to reduce or remove your exposure to risk.

It’s a dirty business but geez we
make it look good

All equipment is well-maintained by our dedicated in-house qualified maintenance and fabrication crews, and our fleet enjoys the royal treatment – everything gets a good clean and polish back at the depot before heading out to the next job.

Why go to all that trouble?

Because quality is easiest seen in the details.

We also understand your choice of service provider reflects on your business. We make sure we’re a good-looking bunch, so you look good too.

We take our commitment to
quality, OH&S and environmental
protection seriously.

You want to know the people working on your project stand for something.

Writing our policies was never a box-ticking exercise. This is us simply putting words around the way we’ve always worked –  the key values and standards everyone at QEST holds themselves to on a daily basis.

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