Drain and Pipe Cleaning

QEST Infrastructure provides thorough and timely drain cleaning services and high pressure pipe cleaning in Melbourne, Geelong, across Victoria and interstate. With over 2 decades of on-the-ground and project management experience across a range of sectors, we are equipped to deal with any sewer/drainage issue with ease, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. Our services include drain inspection, drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, preventative maintenance, emergency services, and odour control.

We offer techniques including professional drain jetting, also known as hydro jetting for pipes utilisingour modern fleet and technology. These are non-invasive methods that do not require harmful chemicals or excavation. These methods have several benefits, including reduced time, cost, and environmental harm, and are suitable for various pipe materials.

If you are considering whether you need drain and sewer cleaning, how often you should utilise drain cleaning solutions, or wondering what professional drain jetting is, we answer these questions and more below.

If we have left any question unanswered or you have an immediate issue requiring emergency pipe jetting, contact QEST Infrastructure today. We provide 24/7 emergency services to respond to emergencies.

What is drain cleaning, and why is it necessary?

Drain cleaning services are vital for maintaining a well-functioning stormwater, drainage or sewage systems. Over time, grease, debris, trees, rubbish, and mineral build-up can accumulate causing blockages. Professional drain jetting (also referred to as hydro jetting for pipes or high pressure pipe cleaning) is the most effective solution, utilising high-pressure water to clear obstructions. Regular drain maintenance is necessary to avoid costly repairs, prevent blockages, remove bad odours, and extend the lifetime of sewer and drainage systems.

Trust QEST Infrastructure, with over 2 decades of on-the-ground and project management expertise, to deliver drain and sewer cleaning services that ensure your sewer and drainage system’s longevity and efficiency.

How does hydro jetting work for pipe cleaning?

Hydro jetting for pipes uses high-pressure water streams combined with specialised jetting head, to efficiently remove debris and stubborn blockages. First, our expert team completes a thorough inspection, identifying the precise location and nature of the blockages. QEST offers our fully equipped CCTV vans with trained operators that compliment any drain cleaning services.

Next, specialised nozzles are used to emit pressurised water, flushing the system clean. Our experienced hydro jetting team can accurately determine the water pressure required for pipe cleaning without causing damage to the pipeline structure.

Our professional drain jetting services are non-invasive, requiring no digging, and safe and environment-friendly because no chemicals are needed. Contact QEST Infrastructure about our drain cleaning services today.

When should I consider professional drain cleaning services?

Routine use of drain cleaning services is recommended to ensure the longevity of your plumbing system. Routine maintenance is crucial to prevent issues before they arise, and to remedy minor issues before they become serious, avoiding costly emergency repairs down the road. The frequency of cleaning required will vary depending on your plumbing system and usage.

Trust our experienced team, backed by 2 decades of on-the-ground and project management experience to assess your needs accurately. If you operate a commercial business, utilise our commercial drain cleaning services to prevent potential disruptions to your business. If you notice slow drainage, recurring clogs, or unpleasant odours, contact us today for drain inspection and cleaning. 

Is drain jetting safe for all types of pipes?

Drain jetting is a safe and versatile solution for various pipe materials, including reinforced concrete, PVC, copper, and cast iron pipes. Our pipe jetting solutions are designed to remove debris effectively and safely, leaving your pipes clean and functional, without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Hydro jetting for pipes utilises high-pressure water for a non-invasive and thorough clean. Our accredited field technicians are trained to tailor the process to different pipe materials. We provide professional drain jetting and drain inspection and cleaning backed by industry-leading expertise, for a reliable and non-destructive clean.  

Can drain cleaning prevent future clogs?

Investing in regular drain cleaning services is a necessary, proactive measure to prevent future clogs. QEST’s technicians use hydro jetting for pipes to clear existing blockages and removes buildup of debris, grease, rubbish, construction waste, and minerals that lead to clogs if left untreated. This preventative approach ensures optimal pipe flow, reducing the likelihood of future clogs that may cause business interruptions and costly repairs.

We offer effective pipe descaling services, eliminating scale deposits that contribute to clogs. Contact QEST Infrastructure about our professional drain jetting to safeguard your plumbing and mitigate the cost and inconvenience of unexpected blockages. If you require emergency pipe jetting, call us today.

How often should I schedule drain and pipe cleaning?

The frequency of regular drain and pipe cleaning varies depending on usage and the specifics of your property. In some cases, an annual service suffices as preventative maintenance. However, high-traffic commercial spaces benefit from more frequent cleaning – consider regular commercial drain cleaning to avoid costly and inconvenient disruptions to your business.

Our expert technicians provide a tailored approach, based on your unique requirements. Opt for routine professional drain jetting for efficient and non-invasive removal of potential buildup of debris, grease, and minerals, and routine pipe descaling services to eliminate scale deposits. Our drain cleaning services are backed by 2 decades of on-the-ground and project management experience and a commitment to a personalised service. Contact QEST Infrastructure today, so our team can guide you to an optimal schedule for your needs.

How long does a typical drain cleaning or jetting service take?

The duration of drain cleaning services or sewer jetting services varies based on factors like the severity of clogs and the size of the plumbing system. At QEST Infrastructure, we pride ourselves on providing efficient pipe jetting solutions, often completed in only a few hours. For routine drain and sewer cleaning, the process is faster – a comprehensive clean can be carried out without extended downtime.

Our trained field technicians prioritise timely solutions, without compromising on results. We utilise the most efficient techniques, like hydro jetting for pipes, so your plumbing system can be back in-use in no time. Contact our expert team about our professional drain jetting services today for an accurate estimate of how long we will take to clean your drains.

Are there specific industries that benefit more from commercial drain cleaning?

Commercial drain cleaning is especially beneficial for several industries. Healthcare facilities rely on routine drain inspection and cleaning to maintain a sanitary and functional environment. Industrial settings, prone to debris and scale buildup, find it essential.

Emergency services like emergency pipe jetting are crucial to remove blockages impacting businesses in time-sensitive sectors. With over 2 decades of on-the-ground and project management experience, our team is equipped to provide tailored solutions to diverse industries, making us a trusted provider of drain cleaning services to commercial, industrial, council, water authorities, and government clients.