Our Policies

QEST Infrastructure take Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management very seriously.

Quality Policy

QEST Infrastructure is a quality company. It’s our objective to provide our customers with innovative and reliable services that fully satisfy their needs first time, on time and every time at good value to them and profitability to our company. All employees will strive to support this goal.

This policy is implemented through our quality system which operates in accordance with The International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

QEST is committed to the continual improvement of our Risk Management System and our processes, to ensure our company objectives are met.

“It is never, ever what we do that determines our success – it’s how we do it.”

Steven Hull
Managing Director

Environmental Policy

At QEST Infrastructure, we understand the need to operate and provide solutions to our clients in a environmentally responsible manner. The environment and natural resources are central to our business.

We are committed to leadership in environmental management, prevention of pollution and minimisation of waste. We do this through continual improvement in environmental management practices, and the integration of environmental considerations into research and development, planning and operations.

As a minimum standard, we ensure our activities comply with environmental legislation and other relevant environmental commitments. We ensure
that our staff has the necessary expertise to fulfil their environmental responsibilities. All of our vehicles are prescribed waste permitted and our
operators trained to handle and transport waste to the local relevant authority’s requirements.

We conduct regular reviews of our environmental performance through processes such as auditing and communicate our environmental initiatives to staff, customers and stakeholders.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

At QEST Infrastructure, safety is the responsibility of all our people. We are committed to constant and never ending improvement in pursuit of the highest
possible health and safety standards in all workplace activities.

Management has responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment through the provision of safe systems, relevant policy and effective supervision. It is also the responsibility of every employee and contractor to work safely and to promote, monitor and improve Occupational Health and Safety.

As a minimum standard, QEST Infrastructure and staff will comply with current Legislation, regulations and Codes of Practice, business rules and processes. All employees have a obligation to carry out their duties as outlined in their position descriptions.

Our major consideration is the health and safety of our staff, contractors, clients and visitors. Our commitment will ensure a safer working environment..