Pipe and Cable Locating

Information is essential for planning any project or before digging in unknown areas. Significant cost and safety risks can be removed by planning and locating hidden underground services before you commence works. For a small investment prior to excavation, thousands of dollars in repair costs, penalties, downtime and reputation can be avoided.   Our qualified underground asset locators can assist in the detection and location of underground utilities services, such as:

•    Telecommunications

•    Sewer and Stormwater

•    Electricity

•    Water

•    Gas


•    Avoid high costs to repair damaged Infrastructure

•    Avoid serious injury to workers and the public

•    Avoid cost and inconvenience of interruptions to Utility Services

•    Increased productivity and efficiency

Once located, our Non Destructive Excavation process can expose and verify detected services. The use of a water lance and vacuum extraction technology is recommended by asset owners as the preferred method of physical exposure of Plant.   QEST Environments can also provide a complete Survey Package of Location, Recording, Mapping and Plotting of Services. This information can be provided in digital format for underlaying in design plans by Engineering Surveyors