Non Destructive Excavation

Non Destructive Excavation (NDE) is a clean, low impact and non destructive method of excavation that utilises the gentle digging power of high pressure water and vacuum.

Our underground is densely packed with services whose locations are often poorly mapped. Excavation with traditional methods can damage these services and puts operators and property at risk.

Non Destructive Excavation, which is also known as Hydro Excavation, Non Destructive Digging and Vacuum Excavation creates MINIMAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, allows for safe working around underground utilities, gas mains, sewer pipes and water pipes without risk to property or operators, and is effective for:

•    Verification of Underground Service Location

•    Potholing & Trenching

•    Excavating in Confined and Restricted Areas

•    Digging in Heavily Serviced Areas

•    Precision Excavation

•    Foundations Repair

•    Light Pole Installation

•    Traffic Signal Installation

•    Sign Installation

•    Landscaping


•    Avoid high costs to repair damaged Infrastructure

•    Avoid serious injury to workers and the public

•    Avoid cost and inconvenience of interruptions to Utility Services

•    Increased productivity and efficiency

•    Less invasive to the environment

•    High precision excavation

•    Clean and Environmentally friendly

It is important to note that locations obtained by the use of plans, verbal information, marker posts, trench lines, electronic devices or lines between locations are Nominal Locations only and MUST NOT be treated as Confirmed Locations.

The actual location of plant can only be confirmed by physical exposure of the plant ie. Potholing. The use of a water lance and vacuum extraction technology such as Hydro Excavation is recommended by asset owners as the preferred method of physical exposure of Plant.