Surveying (Utilities, Engineering and Project)

Utility surveying and mapping specialists

If you’re planning to design, build or excavate a new project and need to know the precise location of underground cables, sewers, gas or water mains, then QEST Infrastructure can help.

Health and safety regulations require for the identification of underground services prior to any ground-breaking works commencing. And here at QEST, we are the compliance experts with many years of experience. We understand our clients’ need for to risk mitigation and avoidance of delays on their projects, so provide a comprehensive utility detection service to identify and map the subterranean features of a site.

Using the latest scanning technology, QEST can find both known utilities and unknown structures via high-frequency induction, geophysical and electromagnetic techniques. Once underground features are identified, we use ultra-precise Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), total station surveys, ground-penetrating radar, and radio-detection methods to record position and depth. In addition, we can expose the service at intervals and provide further information through Non-Destructive Digging (NDD).

QEST lifts all manholes and pits, and records all information, including utility types, utility configuration, materials, underground storage tanks (USTs), conduits, chambers, pipes, and flow direction.

Once we’re back in the office, we can create detailed 3D data sets for conduits, piping, manholes, a combination of all survey classes A to D, including stormwater and sewer network investigations (Class A), and also clash detection for existing vs. design.

If an in-depth stormwater investigation is required, QEST can also organise CCTV footage and cleaning. Our utility surveys too, are often accompanied by a feature survey, giving you a complete above and below ground feature survey.

We can deliver in 12d for 3D, GIS, interactive PDF, and 3D CAD formats, with Nearmap aerial Image underlay. Feature Surveys and design drawings are used as external references if required.

Following delivery, QEST works with its clients in conflict analysis and campaign planning when the design clashes with existing utilities or other anomalies.

Feature Surveys

Sometimes referred to as a Site Analysis and or an Existing Condition Survey, QEST can complete your Feature Survey for council applications and Architectural/Civil Design.

Often before a build begins or a design is finalised a feature survey is required to ensure there is no unexpected clashes with existing features. A feature survey supplies architects and designers with an accurate digital representation of existing features such as Fences, Buildings, Trees, Roads, Pathways, etc so they have all the information they need to complete the Job. A feature survey paired with a utility survey provides you with the complete picture of your site.

Engineering Surveys

Engineered designs and their geometrical aspect need precise measuring. From desktop design to as-constructed reports, we deliver timely tailored spreadsheets and plans for Quality Assurance.
Some of the services we provide listed below.
• Design compliance verification
• Site set out
• As constructed reporting
• Volume calculations
• Quality control
• Engineering advise