Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling


  • Solid Auger 15 – 20m
  • DTH (down the hole hammer) 30m
  • Push Tube 10 – 15m
  • HQ Coring 50m (can exceed if requested and pending site conditions
  • Install Groundwater Monitoring wells to specific depths and diameters, based on client request and scope of works
  • Concrete coring to various depths and sizes
  • Up to 50° incline drill operation
  • Hand auger works to clients requested depths and diameters
  • Concrete core drill
  • Reinstatement capabilities to all existing conditions
  • Mast height can reduce to a small 2.4m to access tight area

Benefits of Using Qest

  • Drilling Supervisor with over 15 years’ experience
  • QEST provide Pipe and Cable Locators (trained and accredited with vast onsite experience) as the second man on drill rig to provide instant/critical clearance information should there be any need to relocate drill additional hole onsite. Cutting any delays onsite having to arrange other subcontractors to return to site.
  • Have the line option of adding a Large Non Destructive Excavation Unit (EPA Licensed) to works in which will remove the need to have any soil/water drums onsite, further will remove the need to leave any of these drums onsite causing potential hazards and costly drum collection/disposal works.
  • T130 inert slurry transported and disposed of in an NDE Unit is charged at cents per litre as apposed to drum collection of the same product is charged 1 X 200L drum at a per drum + transport rate making this very costly.
  • QEST also provide the option to include a surveyor on the rig to collect data from installed groundwells or drill locations again removing the need to arrange multiple subcontracts and having to return to site.
  • Using a company that is renowned and trusted for its knowledge of Underground Infrastructure working in the industry for over 17 years.
  • Have structured these services based on observations on how we can save our clients money and valuable time not only onsite but when scheduling works by combining these critical services.