Drilling – Environmental


QEST Infrastructure has a range of modern and effective drill rigs, giving us the ability to provide the latest drilling techniques for all your environmental drilling requirements.
Environmental Drilling is an important tool for environmental protection and remediation, allowing us to investigate and assess subsurface conditions. With two decades of experience with environmentally sensitive projects, we can provide a safe and effective solution for your environmental site assessments by utilising a number of drilling techniques, including:
• Solid and Hollow Stem Augers
• Direct Push Sampling, Both Macro Core and Dual Tube
• Discrete Sampling in Targeted Zones, both Soil and Ground Water
• Gas Vapour Bores
• Gas Vapour Probes for Small Target Zones
• Ground Water Monitoring Bores
• Rock Coring (NMLC, HQ3)
• Down Hole Hammer
• Concrete Coring Tight Access
• Tight Access
• Custom Solutions for Swamp Type Terrain
• All Machines Rubber Tracked for Minimum Site Impact
• Plus The QEST Advantage….knowing that you have the full suite of QEST specialised equipment right at your fingertips.